Vikings season 6 episode 11 spoilers: Creator shares crucial details about mid-season premiere

Ivar will be a big player in Vikings season 6 episode 11 and he will probably change the fate of his siblings – Bjorn and Hvitserk, according to Michael Hirst.

The Vikings team has been keeping viewers on the edge of their seats since February with a shocking cliffhanger of mid-season finale episode that teased the demise of Bjorn Ironside. Now, the good news is that series' followers will not have to wait until the telecast of the mid-season premiere episode to know the fate of the beloved character and the people of Kattegat.

We have all the answers from show creator Michael Hirst, who described the next episode of season 6 as an extraordinary one that is packed with lot of surprises. He said several things that viewers believed to be true in the last minutes of episode 10 will be "proved" wrong in episode 11.

Hirst then spoke in detail about the initial plans of Ivar and how things are going to change in the mid-season premiere episode. He revealed that Alex Høgh Andersen's character will be a big player in Vikings season 6 episode 11, who will probably change the fate of his siblings – Bjorn and Hvitserk. The character could also make the Viking community more powerful in the last ten episodes of the drama series.

Will Ivar become the King of all Norway?

The show creator began by saying that it is not a secret that Ivar had a secret team with Prince Oleg's brother before the RUS army went to Kattegat. The Prince was in hopes of overthrowing his brother Oleg after making Ivar the King of all of Norway if he successfully defeats Bjorn and Harald in the battlefield.

However, the ending might be very different from what has been planned, Hirst teased as he reminded viewers of the intelligence of Ivar. Even after being so powerless, the former King of Kattegat managed to be in a dynamic relationship with Oleg and he will continue to influence the Prince in the upcoming episodes, he said.

During an interview with TV Guide, the Vikings creator even hinted at Ivar's plan to convince the RUS army and build a team against Oleg. Hirst then added that Prince Oleg can never kill Ivar because the Prince believes that whatever Ivar told him is partially true, at least he believes that the Viking warrior has some supernatural powers.

In short, when the Vikings returns with a new episode of season 6 in November, the series' followers may see Bjorn back in power and Ivar helping Hvitserk in finding his purpose of life.