Vijay's Telugu version 'Adirindhi' releases without controversial GST dialogue

Finally, the Telugu version of ' Mersal 'hit the theatres today amid all the commotion and criticism surrounding the release of the Movie

Adirindhi poster

Finally, the Telugu version of Mersal, Adirindhi hit the theatres today amid all the commotion and criticism surrounding its release. Following Mersal's record-breaking performance in the Indian and overseas market, the dubbed version received a warm response from the Telugu audience on the first day of the box office.

The most important thing to take a note in the movie is that the controversial GST dialogue has been censored in the Telugu version, unlike the Tamil version of the movie where the dialogue had been muted due to pressure from the BJP party in Tamil Nadu.

The makers decided to release the Telugu version on October 18, along with Mersal's release in other states, to send the cash registers ringing in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. But due to censorship problems, the movie got delayed by three weeks.

Ultimately after all the commotion, the movie has hit 300 screens across the two states. The movie is keeping viewers engaged with its screenplay and Vijay's brilliant performance, which are the most loved factors of the action flick.

Mersal has grossed 220 crores in three weeks and is expected to be the first single language release to enter the 200 club in spite of receiving criticism for its GST and Digital India references. It also got flak from doctors of Singapore for depicting them in a bad light.

The movie, directed by Atlee, also features Samantha, Nithya Menon, and Kajal Agarwal. With its rich production values and A R Rahman songs, it will be interesting to watch whether the Telugu version creates history like Mersal or falls flat in its performance.