Vijay's remarks on Singapore healthcare sector in 'Mersal' enrages Indian doctors

After BJP leaders, doctors in Tamil Nadu have also started protesting against Vijay for remarks made on Singapore healthcare sector

Mersal movie poster

After BJP, doctors in Tamil Nadu are enraged with Superstar Vijay for portraying them in the bad light in his new movie 'Mersal'. According to reports, several doctors in Tamil Nadu are taking their social media handles to protest against the movie, and are asking the public to boycott the flick. Several doctors are also sharing the link of the film in a pirated website, and it is reportedly affecting the movie's collection in India.

In the movie, Vijay states that people are given free treatment in Singapore, and the local GST that the government charges is just 7 percent. The dialogue also added that people are being charged 28 % GST in India, but no free treatment is given.

A silent protest against Vijay and Mersal

Vijay's 'Mersal' was released on October 18 with a record collection from theaters all around the globe. Even though the film succeeded in impressing the fans, some of the scenes in the movie have not gone well with BJP supporters in India, especially the scene in which Vijay delivers a lengthy dialogue criticizing the implementation of GST.

Apart from the GST remark, the film also lashed out against the Government doctors in India. In a scene, Vijay states that citizens in India prefer going to private hospitals, as doctors in Government hospitals fail to provide quality treatment. He also added that Indian doctors are money minded who prefer revenue than commitment towards patients.

Doctors in India call this 'a silent protest' against Mersal. Dr. TN Ravishankar, President of Indian Medical Association told Times of India that the association does not have any plan to approach media or court, instead, they will share the link of the movie so that the collection will be affected badly in the coming days.

Supporters of BJP claim that Vijay has an anti-Modi mindset, and it is the reason behind these dialogues in the film.

Kamal Haasan lends his support to Mersal

In the midst of these controversies, Kamal Haasan, the Ulaganayagan of Indian cinema has lent his support to the Mersal team. According to Kamal Haasan, the demand to recensor Mersal is something unnecessary, as it had been censored once.

"Mersal was certified. Dont re-censor it. Counter-criticism with logical response. Don't silence critics. India will shine when it speaks," tweeted Kamal Haasan on his official Twitter handle.