Video shows strange object next to Sun; Is it killer planet Nibiru?

YouTube: To Those Who Will Listen

Conspiracy theorists from all around the world believe that Nibiru alias Planet X will hit the earth in 2018 that will cause a mass destruction everywhere. Now, one skywatcher has released a video which apparently features a round object near the sun and he came to the conclusion that it is nothing other than Nibiru, the killer planet which is lurking in the edge of our solar system.

The video was uploaded to the YouTube channel, 'To Those Who Will Listen' and it has already attracted more than 20,000 views since its upload.

The video clip shows a round object just below the sun and at the first glance, it looks like a lens flare. The person who shot the video has ruled out the possibility of this object being lens flare, as he claims to have used Welder's attachment in the camera.

As the video went viral on online spaces, viewers lauded the YouTube channel for exposing the top secret, while many of them commented that the end is near. Many people even criticized the government for covering up the existence of this mythical planet.

"Back in Nov 2017, I saw what I think was Nemesis the dwarf star. It was to the upper left side of the sun and bigger. It was light red and had black stripes on the bottom. I saw it near sunset on a cloudy day. My sunglasses blocked the glare so I was able to see it. It is real and people need to prepare their hearts. Jesus said to REPENT for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. God bless us all," commented a YouTube user named wild heart.

Another YouTube user 'Ebay reviews' put forward a very different theory. According to this user, the second object spotted in the camera is the sun simulator created by government and the large object in the video is our natural sun.

"They are blocking the sun with multiple hexagonal solar simulators and the sun is shining through it which explains the white sun and the black spot in the middle and the multiple shapes of it," another YouTube user Jaden Yugi shared similar views.

As many people are spotting various anomalies in the sky, conspiracy theorist David Meade who is a strong proponent of the Nibiru theory has revealed that this killer planet will be first visible in the sky between May and December, followed by a seven-year tribulation period characterized by natural disasters.