Video Shows Las Vegas Police Choking Teen While Arresting for Allegedly Selling Water Without License

The video of the incident was shared by many netizens on social media, showing the racism in Las Vegas

Two officers from the Las Vegas police department were caught in the camera while arresting a black teen. The part of the video shows that even though the teen who claimed to be selling water without a license, was not resisting, the police hold his neck that started to chock him.

The teen can be heard screaming in pain in the video that was taken by an eyewitness. While he started to feel suffocated, an eyewitness told one of those white policemen "you are chocking him." But despite listening to others, the police officer did not leave his neck and told kept saying over the radio that "he is resisting."

Las Vegas Police Brutality

Las Vegas
Las Vegas Police Brutality Twitter/ @alchemistoxford

When the passer-by told the police that people are watching what they are doing, the police officer released the teen's neck, put him down against the ground on his stomach. The video showed both the police officers trying to show that they are struggling to control the African American teenager. It can be heard in the video that the woman who was recording the disturbing incident, telling the police officers that they have recorded what the officers are doing.

But the police officers looked less bothered about what will be the consequences if people come to know about the incident. When the officers continued to claim that the teen was resisting the arrest, the woman who captured the brutal incident said he was not resisting so just don't make him do it.

Meanwhile, the police officer put his knee on the neck of the teen, while both the officers were waiting for other cops at the site and handcuffed him. Soon one of them got off from the back of the teen, while another officer was holding his hand on his waist. Later, one police officer was seen shouting at the eyewitnesses to back up and the other officer turned the teen around to get him up.

After the video was posted on Twitter, one of the netizens wrote: "Shameful and blatant police brutality as two officers in Las Vegas arrest a black man for selling water without a license. Who will stand up against this LV racism? Where is the Chesa Boudin of Vegas?".

Another social media user wrote on Instagram: "They are choking him AND want him to just sit there, take it, and not even move his arms: IT'S IMPOSSIBLE. When you are being choked your body fights to survive. It's an actual human reflex that cannot be stopped."

This article was first published on June 6, 2020