Video Shows Afghan Women Tossing Babies Over Razor Wire to British Soldiers at Kabul Airport

A video of desperate Afghan mothers tossing their babies from a crowded airport compound to the British soldiers across barbed wires has left people around the world devastated.

Thousands of desperate Afghans were trying to flee the country via Kabul airport, where a barbed wire separated them from the American and British soldiers. Desperate Afghan women were seen crying for help from the soldiers to take their children to safety.

The soldiers who protected Afghans at the airport from the Taliban described how traumatized they were by the ordeal. The video that has gone viral on social media shows babies being lifted and transferred across barbed wires by the crowd.

The video that appears to have been filmed at the Kabul airport depicts the anarchy prevailing in the Taliban-controlled country and has been shared on social media widely.

"FEAR of Taliban is so much that Desperate women threw Babies & Little Girls OVER RAZOR WIRE at airport compound asking British soldiers to take them," a user on Twitter wrote hashtagging #Afghanistan #Talibans #Taliban #SaveAfghanWomen alongside the video.

Women Throwing Babies over Razor Wires

"My heart aches when I think about the girls of #Afganisthan. Their future, Dreams, and whatnot. I have so many goals and every other girl of my age would have too. But what abt the ones who r not allowed to fulfill their dreams and conquer to achieve their goals?" a Twitter user commented on the horrifying video.

Reports reveal that British soldiers were crying during the night after seeing Afghan women throwing their children over the barbed wires, asking the soldiers to catch them on the other side of the fence. "It was terrible, women were throwing their babies over the razor wire, asking the soldiers to take them, some got caught in the wire," a senior British army official told the media.

Here's the horrifying video of mothers tossing their babies:

Viral Videos from Kabul airport

Kabul airport has become a picture of abject desperation ever since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan's capital. Several videos have surfaced on the internet that shows the terrified Afghan people sprinting towards the Kabul airport while they cried for help from outside the gates and barbed wires, begging soldiers to let them in. "Help us, the Taliban are coming," the women said in the viral video.