Video: Iranian security forces shoot at protestors with AKs, kill with head shots

With protests continuing to spread across the cities of Iran, the Iranian government has intensified its crackdown on unarmed protestors. A 27-year-old Iranian protester was shot in the head while peacefully protesting along with his mother and his sister, Amnesty International reported. Several such incidents of violent attacks against protestors have now emerged. A video that is said to be from Kermanshah Province shows security forces armed with Aks shooting live rounds on protestors.

Several such videos showing the government crackdown against the protestors has now been posted online.

There is still no clarity on the number of casualties. BBC Correspondent Bahman Kalbasi claimed that at least 366 people may have been killed in the last 72 hours. "A website close to the green mov. oppos. leader, Mousavi, has quoted a reliable source who put the death toll of #IranProtests much higher at 366 people killed in 72 hours. Even with previously reported 143 it was the deadliest of any protest crackdown in #Iran's modern history," Kalbasi said in the Twitter post.

The protests, which now have been dubbed as one of the bloodiest in the history of Iran, has been raging since October 1. A combination of issues majorly sparked by a tripling of gasoline rates has now put the country in a state of civil unrest. Protesters have spilled into streets and burned down dozens of banks, police stations and even offices of imams.

The Iranian government has completely shut down the Internet in the country. But as information slowly trickles out of the country, the death count is bound to increase.

Local unconfirmed reports claim that as many as 4000 protestors have been shot and injured during the crackdown by the security forces. It also claimed that at least 10,000 people have been detained, the veracity of the claims can't independently be verified.

Tallha Abdulrazaq, an award-winning academic and writer, observed in TRT World that the international community was letting Tehran get away with murder while being a mute spectator.

This article was first published on November 29, 2019