Video captures attack on Green Zone, US Embassy in Baghdad also targeted

The Green Zone in Baghdad came under Katyusha rocket attack yet again on Tuesday and the video was captured by a reputed journalist who heard the sirens of the oncoming attack

According to the video footage uploaded by a reporter from Iraq of a reputed media outlet, three rockets flew into the Green Zone, close to the US Embassy in Baghdad early Tuesday morning. Identified as Katyusha rockets, two of the rockets targeted the US embassy, said Iraqi officials.

The rockets are said to have been launched from Zafaraniyah district, which is outside Baghdad. Rocket attacks in the Green Zone have become a common sight with sources informing media outlets that they could hear the siren going off, asking people to seek immediate shelter. The Green Zone has several buildings of the state government.

Katyusha rockets used often in attacks on Iraq

According to Iraqi officials, two rockets landed near the US embassy. There have been continuous attacks in the region because of the heightened tensions between Iran and the US. Several bases in Iraq which hold US personnel have come under attack over the past few weeks. Some of the attacks were by Iran but it is unclear who launched several of the other attacks.

After the death of Qassim Soleimani, one of Iran's top commanders, Iran has been talking about continuous retaliation till the American troops leave the region. Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, during a televised speech last week, said that the attacks on the two bases were just the beginning of the retaliation against US' actions. The last attack on the Green Zone took place on Jan. 8, though there were no casualties or injuries.

Baghdad Green Zone
Baghdad Green Zone Wikimedia Commons

US has begun focusing on ISIS

The US coalition in the region has halted its move toward the ISIS probe because of the tensions with Iran. With the ongoing attack on the military in the Persian Gulf, ISIS and Hezbollah have backed the Iranian government for its actions against the US.