Video: African man dragged by the leg out of supermarket in China as blacks are barred entry

  • Humiliation of Africans in China still continues but China claims it has 'zero tolerance'

  • Chinese police is hunting down Africans who share videos showing discrimination against blacks

  • China's police are even monitoring WhatsApp group belonging to Africans

Another video of continuing discrimination being carried out against Africans in China has emerged that shows an African man being dragged by the leg and thrown out of a supermarket that doesn't serve black customers.

While discrimination against Africans in China has continued unabated, the Communist government police have now also begun cracking down on Africans for sharing videos of attacks and injustice being meted out to the blacks in the country.

aFricans in china

The video it is claimed is from a supermarket in Beijing where the African man had gone along with his friend to shop for groceries.

The two, it is claimed, were asked to leave as blacks are not allowed. However, when one of them refused to leave the store, he was dragged by the leg and thrown out of the supermarket.

In the video, onlookers can be heard laughing and giggling as the African man is being dragged out of the store.

Another video recently had emerged from China, where a pregnant African woman was turned away from two hospitals.

Coronavirus-fueled discrimination on Africans on rise in China

There has been an increase in tension between the Chinese and the African nationals in China since the beginning of April after Chinese media squarely blamed Africans for starting the second wave of coronavirus outbreak.

Since the restaurants, malls and even supermarkets in China have started barring entry to Africans. Caught in the midst of rising tensions, the Africans now are systematically being silenced by the Chinese state machinery that now sending police to the homes of Africans, who post videos of attacks or discrimination on blacks in China. According to a Buzzfeed report, the Chinese police is closely monitoring the social media activities of the African community and there have been instances where state agents joined WhatsApp group belong to the black community in China to monitor their activities.

Human rights groups have accused China of using racism to deflect blame for the Coronavirus outbreak. It is said that it was on the orders of the police in China that that passed the order to bars and restaurants not to serve Africans.

"Chinese authorities claim 'zero tolerance' for discrimination, but what they are doing to Africans in Guangzhou is a textbook case of just that," said Yaqiu Wang, China researcher at Human Rights Watch.

"Beijing should immediately investigate and hold accountable all officials and others responsible for discriminatory treatment."