Verbal Jint celebrates suicide of Nth Room user, netizens say they must not be considered human

Telegram Nth Room probe is revealing disturbing events as more 'users' are committing suicide, after police said they were tracing the users of the sexually explicit videos and photographs seized from Nth Room

Jo Joo Bin Nth Room scandal suspect
Jo Joo Bin aka Baksa SBS video screengrab

Kim Jin-tae, popularly known as Verbal Jint, celebrated the suicide of an Nth Room user. Jint took to Instagram and wrote: "This is making me happy. If more of them die, I'll write a commemorative song. Let's also reveal their identities."

Nth Room users who paid to watch abusive explicit sexual content (videos and photos) are being traced by Seoul Metropolitan police after arresting the kingpin and his associates in the Telegram Nth Room sex scandal.

Jint was reacting to the suicide of a 28-year-old man who confessed to be a user of Nth Room videos. The user cum suicide victim had gone to the Yesou police station and confessed to the fact that he had got photos from the Nth Room. When checked, police found 340 photos that were sexually explicit, including ones that involved minors. After the confession, he was found dead in his apartment on April 10.

While some criticised Jint, he also received support from others, who replied to his post stating that Nth Room users should not be considered human beings and they deserved no pity. Though it is about someone else's life, people commented that Nth Room operators and users had played with the life of numerous girls including minors torturing them mentally and physically.

Jint is a musician, rapper and record producer and is popular for his innovative performance in Korean hip hop rhyme genre.

Currently, three major operators of Telegram Nth Room scandal have been arrested and are being probed in detention. The main accused is known as Baksa aka Cho Joo Bin. Only his identity was made public. The other two accused are "Pacific Ocean" who is claimed to be a minor (16-years-old) and "Watchman," whose identities have not been made public.

At least 74 women have been identified as victims of the Nth Room scandal, who were forced to record sexually explicit content, inflicting pain on themselves and their private parts. Most of the victims were said to be minors. Jo Joo Bin would trap them with offer of part-time jobs and after getting hold of their most personal details, he would blackmail them and get them into doing the videos and pose for photos that would be sold in the Nth Room, where users would watch them.

It is also said that the videos were morphed with the faces of popular celebrities using deepfake methods and unknowingly many female celebrities also have become victims of Nth Room