Valentine's Day 2017: Top 5 pocket-friendly gift ideas that your man will definitely love!
A couple looks at Valentine's Day gifts Reuters

The countdown to the most romantic day of the year, Feb 14th, has already begun. And with that comes the pressure of looking for the best gift for the man of your life.

We know that picking the right gift is not always an easy task, especially when the occasion is Valentine's Day. Thoughts like "what will he like?" or "how can I spice up the day" are bound to cross your mind.

IBTimes Singapore has come up with all those romantic and cute offbeat yet pocket-friendly gift ideas that are inevitably going to make your Valentine's Day all the more special.

Love Letters

Every couple has a great story about how their relationship started. So, present your physical testimony of love to him with a handwritten letter and a favourite candid picture of the two of you. The letter is bound to take him down memory lane.

Sweetheart Scavenger hunt

A Valentine scavenger hunt will be of great fun for both of you. Sharpen your puzzle skills and prepare a puzzle, with handwritten notes leading them from place to place. Try and give clues that would bring up your special memories. Make it as simple or complicated as you want. In case if you're really adventurous, you can send your man around the house with each new puzzle clue leading them to a different room. You can lead the last clue to the dinner table and arrange for a serene beautiful candlelight dinner.

Walk down memory lane in the digital way

Not happy with handwritten notes? Then this one would surely be of your choice. Select a few cute and romantic pictures of the two of you and create a video with a romantic song playing in the background. Don't forget to leave a message at the end of the video. This would leave him smiling for years to come and remind him of your dating days.

Gift him a hand-painted T-shirt

Get a simple t-shirt from his favourite brand and make a customized t-shirt for him all by yourself. Buy some paints and put on your artistic gloves on to gift him a nice hand-painted tee. He would love the idea of you personally customizing the t-shirt for him and will miss you whenever he would wear it.

Prepare an exclusive CD mix for him

Sometimes the key to a man's heart can be through music, especially if he is a music lover. Prepare a list of his favourite romantic songs or the one's which you both used to listen and mix those giving it a refreshing touch. Before wrapping the CD, make a customised CD cover for it and add both your names and initials on it. He would surely adore you for this idea.