Humans Have Alien Contact, US Signed Deal With 'Galactic Federation', Says Ex-Israeli General

Haim Eshed, the former head of Israel's military space program, says the aliens have their own organization named Galactic Federation.

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An Israeli general who headed the country's military space division has said aliens do exist and that they have been there among us for long. He further said the United States and Israel have been closely working on this and have even signed a contract with a 'Galactic Federation' to conduct research and secretly working with the aliens.

Haim Eshed, 87, was speaking to the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper. He had headed Israel's Defense Ministry's space unit for nearly three decades. He said he can prove the existence of aliens, adding that the aliens even have their own organization named 'Galactic Federation.' There explosive interview definitely gives conspiracy theorists once again a chance to debate on the existence of life on other planets mankind's quest to trace them.

Explosive Claims

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Eshed told the newspaper that Israel and the United States have long been dealing with aliens but have maintained secrecy over it as "humanity isn't ready" to accept the truth. He reportedly also said that President Donald Trump was on the verge of revealing [aliens existence], but the aliens in the Galactic Federation are saying, 'Wait, let people calm down first,'" the report mentioned.

Eshed, who worked for the Israeli government from 1981 to 2010, also said that aliens and their organization don't want to "start mass hysteria. They want to first make us sane and understanding."

However, the biggest of his claims has been that the United States has already entered into a contract with the 'Galactic Federation' to conduct experiments on earth. "There's an agreement between the US government and the aliens. They signed a contract with us to do experiments here. They, too, are researching and trying to understand the whole fabric of the universe, and they want us as helpers." The reports were also confirmed by Jerusalem Post.

Mystery Deepens

It is still unclear what prompted Eshed to make these revelations at this time. However, it definitely gives chance to many once again start a debate on existence of life in outer space and how aliens have been tracing humans for ages.

Eshed's claims are not only about aliens maintaining communication with Tel Aviv and Washington but he also maintains that there's an "underground base in the depths of Mars" where man and alien are working side-by-side for the betterment of the 'Galactic Federation.'

The veteran general has also claimed that the aliens for the time being are just "investigating" and looking to enlist mankind as "helpers" in their quest to "understand the rules of the universe," and there's no near term threat of a hostile invasion force, despite the experiments.

He summed up saying that his comments and claims might sound outlandish but with time the human race will understand and gradually come to accept them as true.

This article was first published on December 8, 2020
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