US elections 2020: Who will be Biden's running mate? Here is a list of favourite female party leaders

With Bernie Sanders almost out of the race, Joe Biden is busy selecting candidates for the vice presidential post

Joe Biden's recent victories have almost pushed Bernie Sanders out of nomination race as Biden is likely to be announced as the democrat nominee. Now, the attention has shifted to vetting candidates for vice president's position. So, here is a list of probable candidates as running mate of Joe Biden.

Recently, Biden had made it clear in an announcement that he was going to select a female candidate for vice president's position. In the history of American politics, so far only two women have been nominated for the position but none have served the White House. Two women who were nominated were - Representative Geraldine Ferraro of New York in 1984 and Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska in 2008.

Currently, four names are doing the rounds as front-runners for running mate of Joe Biden. The top contenders include Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Stacey Abrams.

Candidate profiles


Kamala Harris is the 55-year-old senator from California and former Democratic presidential candidate. Harris is not only a favorite of democrats but also the fact that a coloured woman might prove advantageous to Biden. In fact, Harris has proved her mettle as top prosecutor. She was a presidential candidate had dropped out of race in December.

But her attacks on Biden were even criticized by Biden's wife Jill and this might be a negative point while considering her candidacy. However, later after dropping out of race, Harris endorsed Biden. When her candidature was withdrawn, Biden had said that he would consider her as his running mate if he wins the nomination.

The second name is of Amy Klobuchar, senator from Minnesota. Her centrist views and crossover appeal to independents and disaffected Republicans have been appreciated by experts for her well-regarded debate performances. Biden too had praised her after she pulled out of presidential race. The 59-year-old Klobucher too endorsed former vice president Biden and helped him win Minnesota primary.

She is likely to help Biden win Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, states that were instrumental in Donald Trump entering the White House.

The third candidate is Elizabeth Warren, a Bernie Sanders supporter. With Sanders far behind the competition, experts opine that selecting Warren might be a plus point as he has his supporters and as well might gain Sanders supporters too. However, after stepping down from the presidential candidate's nomination, she has been neutral and has not endorsed for Biden. However, last week Biden accepted 70-year-old Warren's signature proposal to reform bankruptcy rules.

The fourth candidate is Stacey Abrams of Georgia who is regarded as rising star of the Democratic Party. In 2018, she had lost her campaign for governor by an extremely narrow margin. The 46-year-old Abrams had said that she can help Biden win Georgia, but lack of experience when compared to other candidates is her main drawback.

Other names making the rounds

Other names that are on probable list are Senator Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada and Representative Val Demings of Florida, Governors Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico.

Biden in his speeches and interviews had mentioned Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire or Sally Q. Yates apart from Stacey Abrams as his likely choices for vice presidential post. However, these names are not as popular as the top three female senators. His announcement to select a female candidate might make Biden and his party focusing on dealing with issues of racial and gender discrimination.

Vice President selection is of utmost importance

But experts are of the opinion that more than any other qualities Biden should consider the fact how far the candidate will support and benefit his candidacy. It is said that vice presidential selection has a big impact on winning the general election.

In a recent interview, Biden had told that he considered his relationship with former president Barack Obama was the model for selecting vice presidential candidate. (then) President (Obama) trusted him with key issues and agendas and he is also looking at a candidate whose opinions and advises he can trust.

Now, with entire America reeling under the pressure of dealing with the coronavirus, it is also said that Biden might consider someone who can contribute positively towards dealing with the virus. A person who has experience in public health and working on easing the economic crisis might be at a huge plus point.

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