US election 2020: Bernie Sanders apparently blames f****g Coronavirus as campaign is on death bed

With the loss of three more primaries, US Senator Bernie Sanders is almost out of the race, after being the leading democrat candidate once.

Bernie Sanders
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Coronavirus has not only affected people but also the US elections 2020. It looks like the fate of the race between democrat candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden is being decided by coronavirus even before they go to the public.

Joe Biden is all smiles after the three wins on Tuesday, whereas the same has pushed Bernie Sanders to the edge so much so that his campaign is on the death bed. After the loss to Biden, when reporters asked Sanders about his next move, it looked like he took it all out on the coronavirus. Sanders replied that "I'm dealing with a f**king global crisis."

The US Senator said: "Right now I'm trying to do my best to make sure that we don't have an economic meltdown and that people don't die. Is that enough for you to keep me busy for today?"

Riled up Sanders loses cool

Sanders is all riled up as putting pressure on the opponent is his best technique during election campaigns. But due to coronavirus the style of operation has changed as all in-person campaigning, mass gatherings have been halted.

Sanders, during 2016 election, had spent at least three months to pressurize Hillary Clinton despite the fact that she was much ahead in the competition. Hillary had 2,842 delegates on her side and had won 34 contests. Whereas Sanders had got only 1,865 delegates and won 23 primaries.

The result is not much different this time too. The democrat representative must get at least 1,991 delegates to win the nomination. With some primaries still left, as of now, Biden has 1,086 delegates but Sanders has only 772.

Numbers are on Biden's side

Thus, the numbers are on Biden's side as Sanders would need still 1,219 more delegates and his main strength wooing people in mass rallies and in-person attacks cannot be used in the times of coronavirus. For Sanders to be nominated, he needs to win all contests from now on.

If the corronavirus outbreak has proved disadvantageous for Sanders, Biden is continuing the winning streak. Instead of using pressure against Biden, Sanders himself is facing pressure but has sent out a message that he will still be in the race. As some experts feel if not Sanders can anyone else fill the void and compete against Biden?

Delayed primaries to cost Bernie

Currently, Sanders campaign has suspended digital advertisements and even television ads have stopped airing. The delay in contests also might prove disadvantageous for Sanders as he might lose the momentum. Accordingly, Ohio contest that was supposed to be held on Tuesday night (March 17) is likely to be held on June 2 due to health director's advise.

Another primary Georgia that was scheduled to have election on Mach 24 will now be held in mid-May. Even contests in Maryland, Louisiana and Kentucky that were supposed to be held in either April or May have been postponed to June.

There is also a pressure to delay primaries in Alaska and Hawaii that are slated to be held on April 4. Same goes with Wisconsin that is supposed to go to elections on April 7. While Sanders is at loss with no in-person attacks, Biden is marching towards nomination by addressing virtual rallies and speeches.

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