US Behind Monkeypox Infection; Claim Based on Nuclear Threat Initiative Report Spreads on Chinese Social Media

Chinese influencers are spreading speculation that the US is behind the surging cases of the monkeypox infections worldwide. Shu Chang, a nationalist influencer in China, misinterpreted a report and stated that the US had a plan to leak bioengineered monkeypox virus.

The influencer, who has 6.41 million Weibo followers, misjudged a 2021 report on biosecurity preparedness planning by a US non-government organization, Nuclear Threat Initiative, according to Bloomberg.

Shu Chang
Shu Chang claimed that the US had a plan to leak bioengineered monkeypox virus Twitter

The World Health Organization confirmed 92 cases in 12 countries and doctors are also assessing that the disease could have a massive impact on the sexual health of the people.

Shu Chang Miscalculated a Report

Shu's post has gone popular on Weibo as over 7,500 users have liked the post and it received more than 700 comments. Her followers have agreed with her claims and many stated that the evilness of the US can't be imagined.

Symptoms of Monkeypox
Symptoms of Monkeypox Twitter

People infected with the monkeypox develop symptoms similar to flu as fever, body aches, and chills but they also get also swollen lymph nodes and a distinctive rash on the face and other body parts.

Symptoms of Monkeypox
Symptoms of Monkeypox Twitter

Monkeypox is a Trending Issue in China

Previously, China has claimed that the US -- in one of its military bases -- developed coronavirus, which was first found in the Chinese city of Wuhan where Beijing runs a virology institute.

So far, China's state media has speculated that the US is behind monkeypox infections. But previously it endorsed Beijing's claim that Washington developed coronavirus in its military base.

For the past three days, monkeypox has been a trending issue in China as the US has reported cases from three of its 50 states. As of Monday, a hashtag on the US monkeypox cases has received over 51 million views.

Monkeypox can easily transmit from sneezes or coughs with a monkeypox rash. The disease is fatal but the current strain spreading globally is milder and has a fatality rate of one in 100.

This article was first published on May 23, 2022