Unnerving Video Shows Chicago Rapper Avanti Frowner Being Shot Dead in Bronx Pharmacy

In yet another case of gun violence, an unnerving video showing four robbers shooting dead the renowned drill rapper Avanti Frowner has gone viral on social media. Social media is once again buzzing with comments against the gun violence and gun laws.

The incident occurred at Amazing Pharmacy on East Tremont Avenue near Arthur Avenue around 3:45 PM on Thursday.

The footage shows Frowner inside the Pharmacy in NYC being attacked by four men who tried to steal his gold chain. The video clearly shows that Frowner tried to resist which angered the robbers who started beating him mercilessly. One of the robbers even hit him with an umbrella. Thereafter, one of the robbers shot him four times, leaving him dead on the floor.

Drill Rapper Avanti Frowner

Thieves with "Guns" Become Killers

The footage also shows a pharmacy worker hiding behind the counter and then leaving the scene to save his life.

A worker at the Pharmacy expressed helplessness saying that they could not help Frowner because of the fear of being shot dead. He also added that guns are claiming so many lives and that something must be done at the earliest to put an end to this menace.

Frowner, 27, a drill rapper from Los Angeles who previously lived in Chicago was popularly referred to as Money Gang Vontae. He was in town for a show.

A faction of social media followers has stated that an easy access to the guns gives criminals the power to take innocent lives. Had the robbers not been armed, they would have beaten and robbed Frowner but he still would have been alive.

According to a report published by New York Post, Frowner's father Roger Frowner stated that his son was a good man and worked hard for all the comforts he enjoyed. The father also stated that his son was very fond of fancy cars, clothes and jewelry.

A Twitter user asked for action against gun violence stating, "#GunViolentAmerica: ' #Los_Angeles Based Drill Rapper Avanti Frowner, 27, Was Shot Dead. Happened Inside A #Bronx Pharmacy In Broad Daylight By A Group Of Four Men Trying To Steal His Gold Chain.@Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America."