UK's First Vaccine Receiver is an Actress, V-Day a Massive Marketing Campaign: Ex-NHS Worker

The former NHS worker, Louise Hampton, quit her job this year and started spreading conspiracy theories on social media.

An NHS worker who quit her job with 111 service provider Care UK to oppose COVID-19 measures, has turned the into a conspiracy theory specialist. She recently suggested that the first person in UK who received the COVID-19 vaccine is an "actress".

Former NHS worker Louise Hampton, who joined anti-lockdown rallies across the UK, questioned whether 90-year-old Margaret Keenan was actually a real NHS patient. She said that the elderly woman "seemed very happy".

"I do wonder, was she an actress? Did she volunteer herself, did somebody approach her? I would like to see her family on the news or whoever looks after her," she added.

Louise Hampton
Louise Hampton, former NHS nurse Facebook

'Massive Marketing Campaign'

The former healthcare worker-turned-conspiracy theorist called the V-day—when mass vaccination against COVID-19 started in the UK using Pfizer-BioNTech jab—a "massive marketing campaign". She also described coronavirus as 'rebranded flu'.

Hampton also shared a YouTube video on her Facebook account and wrote: "Shame on Margaret's Family for allowing this!!!! Using Granny as a guinea pig! Maggie's jab is merely a MARKETING PLOY!!"

Keenan became the first member of the public to get the vaccine after it was approved in UK. After she got the first shot at the University Hospital Coventry, she said that she felt "privileged" and advised people to take the vaccine. "If I can have it at 90, then you can have it too," she added.

Hampton resigned from Care UK earlier this year and since then she continued to spread disputed claims on social media platforms. She was also noticed roaming around the COVID-19 testing sites without wearing PPE in an attempt to reveal that those places were empty.

Hampton said her friends and family have stopped speaking to her because of her views, but she will continue the campaign despite the criticism. Her Facebook account is filled with several videos and unreliable posts and many of them are quite popular.

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