Ukrainians Made Song on Bayraktar Drones and Called Kremlin 'Scumbag Propagandizes'?

Watch and listen to the song on Turkey's TB2 Bayraktar drones allegedly made by Ukrainians amid war.

A video song on Turkish Bayraktar Drones has gone viral on the internet. The song allegedly made by Ukrainians praises the superiority of drones compared to Russian weapons. Ukraine has unleashed Turkey's Bayraktar TB2 drones on Russia. Ukraine claims Bayraktar drones have destroyed dozens of armoured vehicles, missile systems and trucks of Russians since the fighting started last week.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Ukraine lauded the attack on Russia as "the jewellery work of Bayraktar TB2 crews," saying it took place at an undisclosed location over the past 24 hours. While it's not possible to confirm the drones played a massive role in Russian losses in the ongoing Ukraine war, reports suggest that planes made by Turkey's Baykar had a significant impact on the battlefields of Azerbaijan and Libya and in favour of Turkish allies in the recent years.

According to reports, Kyiv has around 20 Bayraktar TB2 drones built by the military of Turkey. The Turkish drones is 6.5 metres long and half the weight of the US Reaper drones, carrying four laser-guided munitions.

Bayraktar Drones
Web Screen Grab

Here's what the Bayraktar song lyrics look like:

The invaders came to us in Ukraine
The uniform's new, millitary chain
But their inventory melted in part
Russian tankman Hid in the bushes
To sip the fucking shchi with their best shoes
But the soup's fat got overheated in part
Sheep came to us from the east
To "reestablish a great state"
But best shepherds of sheep flocks are
Their arguments different weapon
Powerful rockets and hardware step in
We have a comment to all of above
They wantewd to invade us with force
And we took offence at these orcs
Russian bandits are made into ghosts by
Russian police are starting the cases
Against the killer of ruscists - no traces
And who do they blame from afar?
The Kremlin scumbag propagandises
People believe the words likewise.
Now their tsar knows a new star.

Here's the full video of the Bayraktar song shared on Reddit