Ukraine Accuses Russia of Using Corpses from Morgues to Make False Flag Attack Videos [VIDEO]

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Russia has been accused of using photos from manufactured false flag attacks by using bodies from morgues in fake videos to incite war amid growing tensions of an attack on Ukraine anytime now. On Monday, pro-Russian forces in the eastern Donbas region posted two videos that showed body parts of people killed in shelling by Ukraine forces from strategic position.

However, Ukraine has refuted such claims saying that the videos are staged and that pro-Russian forces used corpses from morgues and showed them in the videos claiming to be casualties as a result of shelling by Ukrainian forces. Moreover, the soundtrack of shooting and explosions is also believed to be more than a decade old.

Raising False Flags

Ukraine has claimed that all the videos are nothing but false flag attacks. "We assume they take corpses from morgues and blow them up for imitation," an Ukraine official said, according to the Sun.

According to the two purportedly staged incidents, a miner was killed in shelling in Donbas, and a Ukrainian saboteur blew himself up while attempting to lay a bomb.

Another video depicts a ghastlier scene. In a woodland, a nighttime combat is taking place. There are unexplained bangs and flashes. An unnamed person cries in pain. Another injured man in a helmet is seen wailing in pain. However, it's not known where the footage was taken or what is going on.

Russian military
Russian military wikimedia commons

The answers can be found in claims made of Russia's state-run television channel. According to the report, the figure in the creepy silhouette was a Ukrainian saboteur. He was part of a diversionary force sent into pro-Russian separatist area over enemy lines. What is his mission? According to the station, the goal is to blow up a local chlorine facility in the rebel-held town of Horlivka.

During the firefight two infiltrators were killed, the report added. However, Ukraine has denied the Russian claims.

Dirty Game

Understandably, if Ukraine is to be believed --- which says it has ample proof --- Russia is trying to raise false flag attack. This comes at a time when the entire world believes that Putin may launch an attack on Ukraine anytime.

Russian tank
Russian tanks are gathering at Ukraine border Twitter

According to a Guardian report, one of the so-called fake videos was recovered from the wounded man's head camera by officials of the Donetsk People's Republic, one of two pro-Moscow entities in Ukraine's east. Channel one informed its viewers that he had thrown it away.

Moreover, experts in Ukraine believe that the soundtrack of shooting and explosives was actually more than a decade old. According to opensource researchers, it was captured during a Finnish military drill in April 2010.

Ukraine military
Ukraine military reuters

The video, according to Ukraine's intelligence service, was created by the GRU, Russia's military spy agency, which has been active in Ukraine since the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the downing of the MH17 passenger airliner. The original Finnish video appears to have been taken off the internet by the film's creators.

Over the last week, Russia has churned out a slew of false reports from a "fake producing factory," according to Ukraine's foreign ministry's Dmytro Kuleba. They include reports that Ukraine is plotting an attack on separatist strongholds and that it sneaked armored vehicles and saboteurs across the border on Monday, which was allegedly captured on helmet cam.

According to Higgins, the Kremlin's agenda is to create a justification for invasion. As part of this plan, Russian television has been actively disseminating information implying that a massive humanitarian disaster is brewing in eastern Ukraine. It claims that people have been subjected to heavy Ukrainian shelling, which Kyiv denies.