UK Man Who Brushed Aside Coronavirus as 'Bull***t Conspiracy' is Now In ICU [Video]

The Manchester man said in a video that he had no underlying health issue but now after tested positive for COVID-19 he is fighting for his own life in ICU

A 29-year-old British tourist who described COVID-19 as nothing but a "bull***t conspiracy," suddenly fell seriously ill due to Coronavirus infection. Now, he has made a video of himself from the intensive care unit and urged people to take the virus very seriously.

The COVID-19 patient, Chris Grailey first thought he was "invincible" before contracting the virus, but now he is facing breathing difficulties and has to put an oxygen mask on after catching the virus during his Spain holiday.

Grailey is from Ancoats, Manchester, and works as a sales manager. He did not have any underlying health issues but initially, he used to believe that the Coronavirus pandemic is nothing but a "bull***t." But unfortunately, he got the disease and now the British man is unsure whether he can win his battle against the virus or not.

Recently, he made a powerful video from the ICU bed in a Watford hospital as he wanted to deliver a message to others. He has advised young people not to repeat his mistakes and take the virus seriously.

Chris Grailey
Chris Grailey, a COVID-19 Patient Twitter

Did not Think COVID-19 Is a Threat

In the video, while wearing an oxygen mask Grailey can be heard saying that "I caught it in Tenerife thinking I was invincible, not wearing a mask" and now he is paying the "price."

"Now I'm in intensive care, waiting to get more treatment, and not knowing if I'm coming out the other side. So I really want you to take this message on board because it could happen to anyone, please please take care," says Grailey.

He fell sick during his holiday in the Canary Island last week and was diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 caused disease, COVID-19 as well as severe pneumonia almost three days ago he released the video.

In the video, he said that for most of the holiday he felt sick and lost his taste, ability to smell, had a cold and sweats—which are the proven symptoms of Coronavirus infection according to healthcare experts.

"But it got a lot worse on my return home. I was rushed on Sunday morning for tests and scans and sent home on Sunday night thinking I was okay. I have then rushed in again Tuesday morning straight onto a COVID ward," he said.

In a social media post, he wrote that the way he felt in the last week it was almost like a "hell". Grailey also added that "I honestly sat there and was ready to just give up." He noticed that he was having several physical issues, like unable to breathe, walk and even move—and felt like a "zombie."

He's on 4 Different Drugs, Steroids

Now, at the hospital, he is administrated with four different drugs, including antibiotics and steroids. He is on oxygen 24/7, and there are "more holes in my arm than a junkie," said Grailey. While explaining why he wanted to tell his story to others, Grailey said he was one of those people who once believed that "nah f**k it, we are young we won't get it [COVID-19], it is only bad flu, and government conspiracy."

But turned out to be a "real" threat and "it's real-life killing me," said the British man. He also asked people to look at the picture and "imagine it could be you," before thinking about "going to house parties thinking you're invincible getting off your heads sharing £10 notes."

"This is serious s**t. Please wake up guys. Life is too short to risk your health I have learned the hard way I don't want people making the same mistakes I have," he said in the video.

After he shared the emotional video, a social media user wrote on Facebook that "Seeing a lot of posts on here the one that's the most helpful of how views change is Chris Grailey I hope it makes a difference to a lot of people I hope you get better soon"

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