Tyson Fury will be back in the ring soon, says boxer's trainer Peter

The British Boxing Board of Control suspended the champion boxer's license on Thursday.

Tyson Fury
Fury also admitted he was taking cocaine to help deal with depression Reuters

Tyson Fury's trainer and uncle Peter said the champion boxer will be able to overcome his "manic depression" and return to the ring soon.

The 28-year-old boxer vacated his WBA and WBO heavyweight titles reportedly saying he wanted to focus on the recovery from his health condition after which the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC) had his license temporarily suspended on Thursday.

Fury has been battling mental issues and had stopped training from May 2016. In June, the UK Anti-Doping Agency charged him for alleged doping, for which he will face a hearing in November.

He also revealed he has been consuming cocaine and has been having alcohol on a regular basis to deal with his depression, in an interview to the Rolling Stone magazine, as reported by the BBC. The Briton also went on to announce his retirement with a expletive-laden Tweet on 3 October only to retract it soon after.

Despite the taxing situation, Peter insisted that Fury's return is inevitable and that the treatment he has been undergoing recently has helped him a lot. He added his nephew will be welcomed to a rousing reception during his comeback.

Notably, the BBBC is likely to consider the boxer's conditions before taking a long-term call on his suspension. The WBA and the WBO will take its call as well on the titles vacated by the controversial pugilist.

"Boxing is in his life. It is in his blood. It is in his veins. He doesn't know anything else. He is just frustrated. When you lose interest in everything and you cannot see the meaning of anything - clearly you have got a problem," Peter was quoted as saying by the Mail Online.

"You will see him in the ring again. we spoke for three and a half, four hours yesterday. The treatment he has had already is doing him a lot of good.

"He hasn't got a drug addiction. He just did a stupid thing. He's not going into any clinics for drug abuse; he has got manic depression, which is a version of bipolar [disorder]. They did have a name for it but I can't think of it. They said over a period of the next few months he should start to respond, and progress."

"He is the linear heavyweight champion of the world. He's done what nobody else could do. He's in the pinnacle of his career. He's only twenty eight years of age. He's got a massive future. I think when he does come back he'll be welcomed with open arms. Especially the way he's voluntarily relinquished his belts."