Two-headed goat which feeds both its mouths leaves farmer shocked and stunned

A two-headed goat that feeds both its mouths has been born on a farm in Wittenberg village, Wisconsin

A mutant goat with two heads and two mouths has been born at a farm in the US and surprisingly the newborn goat can feed both the mouths independently, which has left farmer, Jocelyn Nueske stunned and shocked. The incredible four-eyed creature was born on the Nueske family farm in Wittenberg village, Wisconsin, US, after its mother was found struggling to deliver her offspring.

Jocelyn, who manages and milks the goat revealed that the mother goat was having troubles in delivering the baby, which she found to be completely normal and decided to assist the goat along with her sister to deliver the offspring and noticed something unusual during the delivery that took her aback.

"I noticed that the mother was having troubles having her second baby, which was completely normal. I started to assist her and I was very confused at first but then I realized the heads were attached and I was very shocked. It had four legs, two ears, four eyes and two noses,'' she said to the Daily Star.

I haven't seen anything like this, says Jocelyn

Two Headed Goat
Facebook / Nueske Farms LLC

Jocelyn revealed that she and her family have been milking goats for many years and helped in delivering hundreds of lambs, but this is the first time she came across something so unusual and unrealistic. ''We have been milking goats for six years and never had anything like this. We usually have around 700 babies born each year and nothing like this has ever happened until now.''

Thankfully, Jocelyn revealed that her family takes good care of all the animals in her harm and they're doing they're best to keep the mutant goat alive and healthy by providing it all the support it needs to sustain itself. "We are a very caring family farm, we try our best to help any animal we can. We had never seen anything like it before but our shock has turned into curiosity."

However, she revealed that she's unsure about the mutant goat's survival rate as her family has never come across anything like this and said, "We're not too sure about the survival rate. We're just doing the best we can to keep him strong and healthy, and hoping for the best.''

How are mutant goats formed?

Two Headed Goat
Facebook / Nueske Farms LLC

Experts suggest that deformed mutant goats suffer from a rare congenital defect known as cyclopia, which is a congenital disorder by birth and occurs due to the failure of the embryonic to properly divide the orbits of the eye into two cavities.

Several extreme cases of cyclopia have been documented in farm animals and in many cases, the nose and mouth fail to form, or worst, the nose grows on the mouth obstructing airflow, resulting in suffocation to the offspring and death shortly after birth.