Twitterati Mock President Trump Over New Hair Color, Say it 'Finally Matches His Age'

There were mixed reactions from the twitterati, with many saying Trump is getting ready for the campaign days.

US President Donald Trump's appearance during a briefing at the White House on Tuesday was quite unusual, thanks to the change in his hair color. Trump, who has always flaunted his blonde, glossy, yellow hair with an orange tone, seems to be bothering less about his hairstyle of late. However, netizens did not miss the opportunity to troll the President.

While a few said the reason for Trump's whitish-grey hair was that he was "actually trying to look like Joe Biden", others trolled the President over his earlier claims on how he has groomed and maintained the look. He was in the White House for a briefing on the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, which he signed on Tuesday.

Quite a few trolled Trump and reasoned that his hair color changes depending on his 'adderal levels' and mocked that the yellow, orange and blonde hair color changes with his expression of "hate speech, self pity, slurred words" and more. A twitter user claimed that Trump is being readied for the election campaign, so he gets a "more sophisticated look". The twiterrati wrote: "His hair is less yellow blond - more "sophisticated" platinum/silverfish blond (maybe more like Biden?). And his makeup is less orange. I guess they're trying to clean him up for the campaign."

Another user appreciated Trump's look and wrote: "Heard that POTUS doesn't let the hair go grey before the 5th year....way to go". While another twitterati demanded that "Trump's face color also matches his age as his hair does now". Trump, until a few months ago, was very frequently in the headlines for his hair color and texture. He had even discussed in an interview how he grooms his hair and that it is natural. However, after the briefing on Tuesday, Twitterati seemed to have their own set of perceptions that they used to troll the President.

A netizen wrote: "The Adderall ain't pepping him up anymore. "So far right"? "Begging for that vuhht," and claimed that Trump's looks are being turned to that of an elderly statesman. In the meantime, there were quite a few who expressed their disappointment over the new debate on Twitter, a user wrote: "AMERICANS ARE DYING NEEDLESSLY. DO YOU REALLY, HONESTLY THINK WE GIVE A RAT'S A** ABOUT TRUMP'S HAIR COLOR?"

Another section of netizens blamed Trump for using the press conference to deliver what they called his "campaign speech. A tweet read: "The president was in full Mad King mode, rambling, confused, disjointed, parading his grievances with barely a wave from afar at coherence. It was as if a hive of buzzwords exploded in his head: statues, boats, vandalism, socialism, suburbs..."

There were indeed mixed reactions of Twiterrati over the change in Trump's hair color. However, a lot of them said the President aims to use it against Joe Biden in the 2020 US election campaigning. Here are a few more tweets: