South Korean girl band, Twice. Facebook/Twice

It looks like there is no stopping of All-girls band TWICE. The 9-member team is once again making history with the pre-order bookings of the Christmas edition of their third mini-album 'TWICEcoaster: Lane 1.'

According to their agency, JYP Entertainment, the album has surpassed 115,000 pre-order booking before release. This year, the girls are already having a dream run by selling about 225,000 copies of their two versions of the third mini-album. According to the Gaon chart, the girls sold 220,000 copies of the album so far, making TWICE the highest selling girl group in Gaon's history as well.

Started in 2015, the road to success was never a catwalk for TWICE but they made sure to trounce all the hurdles with hard work and excellence. Today, with an amazing fan base across the globe, TWICE is already compared to two legendary Kpop Girl Bands, 2NE1, and Girls Generation. They are also one of the few Kpop bands to top the Billboard charts for more than 4 weeks.

So who is the cutest member of the band? Well, that is a difficult choice to make but here we bring you a round-up of all the talented members. Nayeon is the oldest and most experienced in the group—starting her career in 2013 under JYP but she had to wait a long for her debut. Jeongyeon is the talented singer cum actress, who also happens to be the younger sister of Gong Seung-Yeon. Momo Hira or Momo is the Japanese-born main dancer who started her quest at a very young age while smiling-beauty Sana Minatozaki developed an interest towards Kpop very late.

Jihyo is the leader and the main vocalist—she has trained with the agency for almost 10 years before joining the group. US-born Mina Myoui is known as the ballerina of the group due to her elegant and gracious dance steps. Rockstar Kim DaHyun or Dahyun is the craziest member of the group while the shy-cum-aggressive Chaeyoung is a prankster and also the second youngest member of the band. And lastly, the most youngest member Tzuyu has mesmerized her fans with her crazy antics and mannerism.