The Tuxedo Episode 8 Spoilers, Release Date, Streaming Details, and More

The Tuxedo is coming to an end with episode 8 this week. The final chapter of this Thai BL series is slated to air on Channel 3 Friday, April 22, at 9 pm ICT. People from various parts of the world, including the US, the UK, India, Singapore, Europe, Denmark, and Japan, can watch the mini-series online for free.

The last episode will continue to focus on the relationship between Nawee and Aiaoon. The finale could reveal if the onscreen couple plans to rekindle their relationship. Previously, Nawee came to know about Aiaoon's girlfriend Chanjao on the night he decided to confess his feelings. He was surprised to know about Aiaoon's relationship with Chanjao since his school days. From Aiaoon's uncle, Nawee also found out the family members of Aiaoon and his girlfriend are aware of their relationship. The loved ones of Chanjoa were looking forward to their engagement and marriage.

The news affected Nawee badly. He locked himself in the room. Though Aiaoon confessed his feelings to Nawee, it did not convince him. He thought it could be impossible to get a happy ending for him. Nawee also did not want to get entangled in a love triangle. So, he started ignoring the tailor. When Sichol informed Aiaoon that Nawee locked himself inside the room, he went to help him. Aiaoon tried to talk things out with Nawee.

After spending a night together, Nawee and Aiaoon went out. Aiaoon wanted to sort things out with Nawee. But things did not go according to his plan. Nawee started panicking after Aiaoon went to get a coffee. He fell off in the swimming pool and struggled until Aiaoon reached out for rescue. Soon after Nawee regained consciousness, he decided to part ways with Aiaoon.

The Tuxedo
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The Tuxedo Episode 8 Spoilers

Aiaoon is currently in a dilemma since he does not know how to go forward with Nawee. Although he is in love with Nawee, he will have to call off his relationship with Chanjao to be with him. But Aiaoon does not dare to do so. Two families are involved, and he does not want to disappoint anybody. But he is left with no choice. Nawee has decided to call it quits.

The promo for this week shows Aiaoon telling Sichol he never met Nawee after the incident. The video also hints at Aiaoon's trip to England. Did he get married to Chanjao? The viewers will get to know in the last episode. The chapter will also explain if Nawee will accept defeat and stay at home forever. According to the promo video, he will courageously fight against his stepmother and her son.

The Tuxedo is slated to air on Channel 3 Friday, April 22, at 9 pm ICT. The followers of this mini-series can watch it on TV or stream it on the official website for the broadcasting channel or GagaooLala. International fans of this drama can watch it online with subtitles on various streaming platforms.