Turkey captures Rasmiya Awad, elder sister of slain terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria

Turkish officials have informed of having captured sister of al-Baghdadi, near the northern Syrian town of Azaz, that is under Turkish occupation

Rasmiya Awad
Rasmiya Awad. Twitter/Damian Patcher

Turkish forces is said to have captured the elder sister of slain terrorist, self-proclaimed caliph and leader of the Islamic State Abu Bakr-al Baghdadi (48). Rasmiya Awad (65) was captured along with his husband and daughter-in-law near the northern Syrian town of Azaz, which is presently under Turkish occupation, since the country after a series of assault took occupation of the north and north-western Syria, earlier inhabited by ethnic Kurds. The arrest took place on Monday, Reuters reported.

The Turkish officials called the capture of Awad, an intelligence 'goldmine' and that the arrest could yield valuable intelligence about the inner working of the notorious organization, that his brother founded. Authorities are reported of interrogating Awad along with his family members arrested in the raid. al-Baghdadi had 5 brothers and a number of sisters, though it's unknown how many of them have survived.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi blew himself along with two of his children, in a U.S. raid at a compound in Syria's town of Idlib. US President announced his death on October 27, while the terrorist organization accepted its leader's death in an audio message posted online on October 31. Despite the death of its leader, ISIS remains a potential threat for the region and beyond. It announced Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Qurayshi, as Baghdadi's successor and the new caliph of the Islamic State.