Truth about Sophia Hutchins struggling due to Caitlyn Jenner romance rumors

Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner REUTERS

Caitlyn Jenner's partner Sophia Hutchins has opened up about her struggles in relation to the never-ending rumors and reports about her life and her relationship with the controversial Jenner patriarch.

The Pepperdine University graduate recently did an interview for Yahoo Lifestyle's Build series and among the things she discussed was how challenging it's been for her to get the support of investors because of what's written about her online.

According to the 23-year-old beauty influencer, the rumors online and her work as a model caused some misconceptions that many of the people she talked to had second thoughts about investing in her upcoming business venture, a "health + technology" company called LumaSol.

"There's all these rumors online that I'm a model and so they had that misconception in their head. And it just kind of proved to be really challenging," Hutchins candidly said in the interview. She admitted that gaining the approval of the investors was a "huge hurdle" for her to overcome.

Sophia even cited an instance when she pitched her company to a reputable firm. She said that the investors frankly told her that they were worried about investing in her business mostly because of the headlines involving her and her looks.

Just recently, Hutchins is the subject of another rumor that claims she and Kylie Jenner's father are thinking of having a child via a surrogate. The rumor is quite absurd since both Caitlyn and Sophia have denied the speculations that they are romantically involved.

For the young CEO and the 69-year-old "I Am Cait" star, they are simply business partners who share a life together because they see the world so similarly. Hutchins moved into Jenner's $3.5 million mansion in Malibu last year, but they have maintained that what they share is a platonic relationship.

Aside from the report claiming Jenner wants to have a child with Hutchins when the former turns 70, there has been a lot of reported rumors about the couple in the recent months. Earlier this year, it was claimed that the two were already engaged to be married but that didn't happen.

There was also a report saying that Caitlyn was leaving a portion of her wealth to Sophia in case something happens to her. Kris Jenner's ex-husband allegedly wanted Hutchins to be set for life because that's the practical thing to do given her age.

At present, Jenner and Hutchins are spending some time apart due to their schedules. The former Olympian has chosen to be with her mother Esther, 93, while Sophia is busy preparing for the launch of her New York-based company.

This article was first published in IBTimes US. Permission required for reproduction.