Trump's Omaha Rally Attendees Hospitalized for 'Hypothermia' After Being 'Stranded' in Freezing Temperatures

Dozens of attendees at Trump's rally in Omaha, Nebraska, were left stranded in the cold after there were no shuttle buses to transport them back to the parking lot

Donald Trump's rally in Omaha, Nebraska, drew thousands of supporters as the President made his final stop on a three-city tour on Tuesday. After visiting Michigan and Wisconsin, Trump held the rally in Omaha to woo Republican voters as the presidential race enters its final stretch and 29,000 people showed up at Eppley Airfield to attend the Tuesday night event, according to Trump.

However, shortly after Trump took off in the Air Force One, there were reports of attendees being rushed to the emergency room for "hypothermia" after being left waiting for shuttles that failed to show up and walking several miles to get to the parking lot in freezing temperatures after the rally.

Attendees Found 'Shivering' Due to 'Cold Exposure'

Trump Omaha rally

According to the Omaha Scanner, who live-tweeted the debacle, as many as 30 attendees were being treated for hypothermia-like conditions and at least seven attendees were hospitalized for treatment. These included eight to nine elderly people who were seen "shivering" and one in particular who was "unable to move with an altered mental status."

There were reports of other elderly attendees feeling "dizzy" and "fatigued" while several others were treated for cold feet. The attendees were left stranded in temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit after shuttle buses that ferried them from the parking lot to the TAC Air Base, where the rally was held, failed to arrive to transport them back to the parking area, which was located on the other side of the airfield.

While some of them chose to wait for the buses, others decided to walk the 3.7 mile-distance to their vehicles, resulting in many of them getting lost along the way. Additional officers were dispatched to the airfield to assist with the transportation of the stranded attendees but blocked roads and heavy traffic didn't help their cause.

Trump 'Pulled a Fyre Festival'

Several users, including Trump supporters, took to Twitter to direct their anger towards Trump for leaving his supporters stranded in the cold and compared the event's level of disorganization to the disastrous Fyre Festival. "Trump rally ditches its attendees out in the cold in Omaha. Several miles walk to the parking lot without buses," wrote one user. "You straight-up pulled a Fyre Festival on your own peeps!"

"If you aren't paying attention to this absolute shitshow in Omaha in the wake of Trump's rally, you should be," commented another. "Trump bussed in thousands of supporters to his rally, then abandoned 1000-2000 of them on a cold dark road to hike back to their cars."

"We drove 4 hours to see President Trump speak, and it was disappointing how their shuttle system was not there when we had to leave," tweeted a Trump supporter. "We walked 3 miles to get back to our car and it's very disheartening to hear about those who were badly affected. We need an explanation."

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