Trump Vs Biden: 2 New Hampshire Townships Reveal Election Day Results: Who Won?

The New Hampshire towns of Dixville Notch and Millsfield cast and counted their ballots past midnight and the results are out.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden took all of the votes cast for the president in Dixville Notch, a tiny township in New Hampshire along the U.S.-Canada border. It is among the first places in the country to announce Election Day results.

The ballots were cast and the results were tallied shortly after midnight on Election Day, giving the former Vice President his first win of the day.

Led by tradition, all eligible voters come together in the storied "Ballot Room" at The Balsams resort in the township to cast their ballots once polls opened at midnight. Once every ballot is cast, the votes are counted and results are announced, several hours before anywhere else in the country, making it a popular spot for reporters and observers eager for any early signs of what lies ahead on Election Day.

Biden Wins 5 Votes, Trump Gets None in Dixville Notch

Biden vs Trump
As per latest polls, Democratic nominee Joe Biden has a slender lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump ahead of the November 3 election Wikimedia Commons

While Biden bagged 5 votes in the New Hampshire township, President Donald Trump did not get any votes in his favor. The last candidate to win all of the votes cast in the village was former President Richard Nixon, who went on to narrowly lose to former President John F. Kennedy in the election of 1960.

However, despite all the attention the township gets, the results are not always predictive of the eventual winner, or even the state's final pick.

In 2016, Dixville Notch picked then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as their choice for president. At the time, the town had eight voters, out of which four voted for Clinton, two for Trump, one for Gary Johnson and one for Mitt Romney. Trump eventually went on to win the Electoral College.

Trump Wins Majority Votes in Millsfield

The nearby township of Millsfield also opened its polls at midnight and Trump emerged as the winner, with 16-5 votes over Biden.Trump's Millsfield win echoed the 16 votes he received in the village in 2016, with Clinton receiving four votes and Sen. Bernie Sanders getting a single vote.

Another nearby town that is famous for its midnight voting is Hart's Location, which is further south, tucked away in the White Mountains. But due to the pandemic, voters in Hart's Location will have to wait until 11 a.m. to cast their ballots over coronavirus concerns.

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