Trump is more like Kim Jong Un -- CNN's Freed Zakaria blasts Prez over coronavirus spread

  • Fareed Zakaria says US President follows the wrong Korea

  • CNN host talks about US government's 'incompetence' in tackling the spread of Covid-19

During a monologue on his Sunday morning show CNN host Fareed Zakaria criticized the US President for his response to the new coronavirus. The journalist called out Donald Trump's alleged lie and compared the situation in the US with that of the rest of the world. The US government has been facing a strong backlash over its response to the rising number of cases in the country. In the past several weeks Trump has been criticized for the testing failures and late response to the spread of the disease in the country.

The journalist also compared the US President to the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by mentioning that the US is following the "wrong Korea". He criticized the scientists too saying that they were afraid of angering the president than the spread of the new coronavirus. Zakaria agreed to the travel restrictions in the US from China but he condemned the late action over the travel ban on Europe. He mentioned that the action was a late from the part of the government.

Fareed Zakaria during his show on Sunday
Fareed Zakaria on his show on Sunday YouTube Grab/ CNN

Trump has mostly been AWOL- Zakaria

During his show, Zakaria talked about the leadership vacuum in the country. "Trump has been mostly AWOL," Zakaria said. "When he does appear, it is to blame the disease on foreigners and announce policies that are designed to reinforce that view. The broad collapse in global markets is surely, in part, a reaction to the vast vacuum of leadership in the White House.

Except for complimenting the US president about his actions against the early travel restrictions from China, Zakaria had to say a lot about the incompetence displayed by one of the developed countries in the world. Zakaria said that the time bought from the restriction on the Chinese travelers could have been used in testing and screening on the other travelers and the citizens.

Zakaria drew comparisons about the response to the virus in the US and the rest of the world. There are around 3,000 cases of the Covid-19 in the US and since the past few days, the US President has made several statements that have left some of the Silicon Valley companies baffled.

The new travel restriction imposed on travelers from Europe is set to begin this week which has led to crowded airports in the US.

The testing and other fiascos in the US

Although new measures are being introduced to increase the citizen's access to test kits, the initial stage of failure has thrust the US into a situation that the administration is not able to assess. The administration went on to blame the Obama government for the incompetence in the response towards the new coronavirus outbreak.

According to reports by the Guardian, the US is quite behind in the tackling of the novel coronavirus even though the administration is close to finding a solution for the lack of tests. On Friday the US President made an announcement that focused on the bounce back from the slump that the administration has fallen into. This involved the possible involvement of Silicon Valley companies and other laboratories from across the country in the dire situation.

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