Trump Decries 'Witch Hunt' by New York AG Letitia James After Paying $110,000 Fine for Impeding Tax Probe

Former US President Donald Trump has ended up paying a fine of $110,000 for contempt of court on Friday. Trump alleged NY Attorney General Letitia James of being a 'racist' for leading a politically motivated 'witch hunt' against him.

It is pertinent to mention that Trump had failed to provide tax documents in the ongoing investigation led by James against his family business.

The case has created a buzz on social media with the followers and detractors of Trump sharing their views on the proceedings.

Donald Trump

Trump Supporters and Detractors Engage in a War of Words

James, a Democrat, initiated an investigation against the Trump Organization and revealed that his businesses had evaded tax for more than a decade by giving false records of the value of his assets.

Supporters of Trump stated that this was an exercise to tarnish his image ahead of the next Presidential elections. They also added that this pick and choose policy of the Democrats must come to an end.

At the same time, Trump's detractors strongly feel that all his malpractices pertaining his business and personal life musty be brought to the fore, followed by stringent actions against him.

According to a report published by The Guardian, Trump was declared in contempt of court on 25 April and fined him $10,000 a day for non-compliance with a subpoena related to an ongoing investigation into tax evasion by his businesses.

The fine stopped accumulating on May 6 after Trump's lawyers submitted 66 pages of requisite documents.

A Twitter user shared, "Someone really needs to get to the root of Trump pulling out all the stops to stay in office. What did his taxes say again? Deutsche Bank loans? Tax evasion? Surely it's not just pride..."

Replying to @Cybermycle1 and @nyccookies another user stated, "So you claim to know how Trump made his money shell companies, bankruptcies, Ooop I forgot TAX EVASION!!!! Yup .... You do know!!!"

"Trumps have a long history in relation to money filled with shady relationships (mafia or foreign nationals) dubious business practices (tax evasion, non-payment for services rendered, and continual string of bankruptcies) but politics is Don's cash cow," read a tweet.

"Why doesn't Letitia James probe her city's black crime? she always sticks her nose everywhere but the obvious! this incompetent racist is always trying to attack whites and republicans! She's a tool of the dems, an attack dog," expressed another Twitter user.