Trash to be returned to Canada from Philippines

Trash can Pixabay

Canada will see more than six dozen containers of Canadian household trash returned to its Port of Vancouver soon from the Philippines, the media reported.

Canada made a formal offer earlier this week to have the containers returned to the Canadian port, Xinhua reported on Friday citing the CTV.

The containers arrived in a port near Manila in 2013 and 2014 labelled as plastics for recycling, and have sat in limbo ever since while the two countries disagreed about how they should be disposed of.

However, Manila found that the containers contained only about one-third plastics that could be recycled. The rest was mostly household garbage and electronic waste.

It said the shipments were a violation of the Basel Convention, an international treaty forbidding developed nations to dump their waste on the developing world.

The Canadian offer came around the same time as the Philippines ordered its Bureau of Customs to get the containers back on a ship bound for Canada no later than May 15.

No information was delivered on who will pay for the garbage's trip back across the Pacific or how much it will cost.