Train to Busan prequel Seoul Station to highlight social issues

Seoul Station will highlight some contemporary social issues of the country.

Train To Busan
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Gong Yoo starrer film Train To Busan's second installment is on the way and according to the reports, Gong Yoo will reprise his role. Previously, it was reported that the Goblin actor will be missing in Train to Busan 2, but the new reports claim that the filming of the second installment have already started and the upcoming prequel of the said movie is titled, Seoul Station.

Movie Pilot confirmed that Seoul Station is a prequel to the popular zombie-thriller, Train To Busan movie. According to the news outlet, the story of the prequel is different from Train to Busan, it says that while the previous movie was mainly a horror action thriller, the prequel will highlight some contemporary social issues of the country which includes misogyny, homelessness as well as heavy-handed tactics by the local armed forces. Also, Seoul Station, like any other zombie movies will have bloody and gory scenes.

The Train To Busan 2 is speculated to be happening really soon. In fact, according to the previous reports, in the second installment of the drama Gong Yoo was said to be replaced by Lee Min Ho and reports suggested Song Joong Ki is joining the cast.

According to GamenGuide, the Descendants of the Sun actor and the Legend of the Blue Sea star will be saving the daughter of Kim Su-an, and also the duo will save Busan from the infectious disease by finding a remedy to the odd disease.

It is difficult to say if the rumours have any truth in it or not as Gong Yoo has not yet released any official statement about the much awaited movie, Train To Busan 2.

This article was first published on March 22, 2017