Train to Busan to be screened in Japan under different name

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Train to Busan
"Train to Busan" Korean Film Council / Contents Panda

The smash hit Korean zombie movie "Train to Busan" will be finally shown in Japan in September, more than a year after it broke box office records in South Korea.

Next Entertainment World, the movie's distributor, told Yonhap News that the movie will be released in the Japan under the title "Shinkansen: Final Express" Shinkansen is Japan's high-speed train.

The movie will be shown in 148 theaters in 44 Japanese cities starting on September 1.

It will also be released in Japan using CJ CGV's ScreenX technology that allows the audience to have a 270-degree angle viewing experience.

"Train to Busan" was released on July 20 last year in Korea and became the No. 1 top grossing movie in the country for the year. It sold 11.56 million tickets and grossed US$83.56 million.

It starred Gong Yoo, Ma Dong-seok, Jung Yu-mi and Kim Su-an and tells about a group of people on a KTX train bound for Busan who are trying to escape zombie attacks.

Before it premiered in Korea, "Train to Busan" was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May last year.

The film breached the 10 million audience mark on August 7 and eventually finished on top of the box office by the end of 2016.

At this year's Baeksan Arts Awards, "Train to Busan" won best supporting actor courtesy of Kim Eui-sung while Yeon Sang-ho took home the best new director trophy.

It won at the 2017 Chunsa Film Awards with Kwak Tae-yong grabbing the technical award while the movie won special audience award for best film.

"Train to Busan" also received awards at the Blue Dragon Film Awards: audience choice for most popular movie and technical award.

Fans have been clamoring for a "Train to Busan" sequel but there's no word yet from the production company.