Toxic tampon nearly killed model, who survived with amputated leg [PHOTOS]

Meet model Wasser, who lost her leg for toxic tampon but persisted with catwalk

While many young women aspire to become models someday, a bizarre incident has changed a woman's life, who was already in the glamorous career. She did not realize that until her leg got amputated.

The model, Lauren Wasser, had bought some tampons, after using which, she started feeling unwell but did not disclose the fact to anyone.

She covered the truth and told her friends that she is suffering from a fever. But soon, her health started to get worse.

She was attending a party from where she left early, as she wanted to go to bed due to bad health. Next, she heard that local police was banging on her door to make sure that Wasser is fine.

Later she was taken to the hospital where doctors found that Wasser faced kidney failure including a heart attack.

"Thank God there was an infectious disease doctor there [at the hospital] because as soon as they found me I was plummeting so bad they couldn't understand why a healthy, young 24-year-old like me was dying," said Wasser as quoted by Daily Star.

"They called the specialist down and he checked if I had a tampon in. As soon as they located it got sent to the lab and it came back as TSS and as soon as they removed it I started being more receptive to treatment," she further added.

"They were telling my mum and my godfather to start preparing my funeral because there was no way I was walking out of there — it would have been a miracle," she said.

Even though there are some side effects of using tampons, what happened to Wasser is a very rare case. Usually, the use of the hygiene product causes,

  • Some odor
  • Might make cramps worse
  • Vaginal Infections and irritation
A tampon Pixabay

In Wasser's case, she had to undergo multiple surgeries to remove the bacteria but none of them became successful. Later, she found out from a nurse that she had to lose one leg to resist the illness.

However, the beautiful model did not lose hope after the amputation and now she has started a campaign to warn girls about Toxic shock syndrome (TSS), which is also known as a life-threatening complication of certain bacterial infections.