Town wants Massachusetts UFO monument to be moved, but witness objects

A memorial installed in a remote corner of Massachusetts that commemorates an alleged UFO sighting in 1969 has been ordered to be moved by the town authorities. This is for the second time that the 5,000-pound concrete statue has been ordered to be moved since its installation in 2015.

Just a few weeks after its installation in 2015, it was moved about 30 feet after when it was found by the authorities that it was placed on the townland site. Now, town officials have ordered the memorial to be moved again citing that it's been placed on a town right-of-way easement.

"It's kind of on town property and no one decided it could go there. The town has bylaws and if we let one place put something up then why can't someone else? I don't want that to happen," said Rhonda LaBombard, the town administrator, Berkshire Eagle reports.

However, the move of the town authorities has not gone well with the witnesses of the UFO sighting which happened 50 years ago. Thomas Reed, who was then a 9-year-old boy, said that he is ready to file a legal suit against the authorities to protect the monument which marks the weird UFO sighting.

"This isn't fair to the community. It's not right having nothing there," said Reed.

Reed now lives in Kentucky, and he claimed that he witnessed the UFO along with his mom, grandma, and brother while crossing the bridge in their station wagon. He recalled the incident and stated that a self-contained glow emerged from the treeline and enveloped the car.

Around 40 people in surrounding areas too reported the sighting, and soon conspiracy theorists claimed that aliens have visited our planet. This alleged UFO sighting which happened in 1969 has been the subject of many television shows too including Alien Mysteries aired by Discovery Channel, and Travel Channel's Paranormal Paparazzi.