Tornado hits Arkansas amid Coronavirus injuring six and damaging properties [VIDEO]

There are other places with possible incoming of tornado in the midwest

A tornado has ripped through Arkansas injuring six people and severely damaging properties. The tornado which came in on Saturday has flattened the buildings while search and rescue is still going on for people who could have been injured during the disaster.

A city-wide curfew was issued after the tornado tore through Jonesboro. The curfew was set to begin from 7 PM local time. The images on social media show the impact of the tornado which has struck during the pandemic situation in the country. The images also showed at least one airplane overturned during the tornado.

Other tornadoes hit the country in places like Iowa according to the weather services report. But according to the reports only Jonesboro suffered severe damages. In Iowa, Black Hawk, Buchanan, Marshall Adams, and Adair counties were hit the most.

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Videos showed the damage in several places

Properties were damaged and people took to Twitter to share images of the overturned buildings and other structures. People also shared videos of the tornado passing through their towns. A video shared on social media showed the tornado narrowly passing through the town causing damage in its wake.

The tornado is not the only thing that is disturbing the state at this moment. People also shared their concern for the coronavirus amid the natural disaster. Even states such as Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois is said to be at risk for the coronavirus. The midwest is said to be under deep precaution over the tornado as well as the coronavirus. People have also shared pictures from Illinois that showed the possible incoming of the tornado.

The Covid-19 deaths have risen in Arkansas. As of Saturday, the cases rose to 409 with the lack of supplies and testing equipment raising the frustration among the authorities and medical care workers. Governor Asa Hutcherson announced that Sunday would be a special day of prayer from the state.

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