Top Crypto Influencer Becomes Victim to $600 Million Poly Network Hack, Loses Savings

Hackers broke into Poly Network and made way with a staggering $600 million by breaking into Ethereum, Binance Chain, and transferred the assets to a new wallet address.

The hack is among the biggest scams the crypto market has witnessed, and a top cryptocurrency influencer who goes by the name Boxmining revealed that he is one of the victims of the hack.

Boxmining Crypto Influencer Hacked Poly Network Victim
Twitter / Boxmining

The influencer took to Twitter and said he lost a significant amount of his holdings, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC savings, and called the experience "pretty heart wrenching".

He revealed that the shock of losing his portfolio is too hard to accept and is still in denial to believe that it's mostly all gone and stated that there's nothing much he can do about it, and reality still hasn't sunk in.

"1) So I'm a victim of the @PolyNetwork2 hack - it can potentially be a significant amount of my ETH/ BTC/ USDC savings. I'm probably still in the denial phase. It seems at this point there isn't much I can do other than to sit on my hands," he tweeted to his 149,500 followers.

Surprisingly, the hackers left a message on the dashboard that looks like a troll. The influencer shared a snapshot of it on Twitter.

The message in all caps read, "WHAT IF I MAKE A NEW TOKEN AND LET THE DAO DECIDE WHERE THE TOKENS GO." He captioned the tweet as, "Not even sure how to describe what I feel right now. Hacker 600+ Million, and he's trolling hard."

However, the influencer claimed that he is still not giving up on cryptos and will trade again and called it a "major major setback" after losing his savings.

"I'm not giving up crypto. I'm not recklessly gambling trying to gain it all back. Shit happened and this is a major major setback, but not all is lost," he tweeted.

Several investors dropped comments in support of the influencer, asking him to hang in there, and the authorities would investigate the fraud and hopefully get his savings back. Tether has confirmed that they have frozen $33 million from the hacker's wallets.

This article was first published on August 11, 2021