Too Hot To Handle 2: Meet Emily Miller, Melinda Melrose and Kayla Carter of Netflix's Sexless Retreat

Netflix's steamy show "Too Hot To Handle" is back with its second season and this time the cast members of the reality show are even hornier than the previous one. The show starts with ten hot contestants wanting to have sex with the hottest singles on earth. The raunchy Netflix reality show, which has robotic "Lana " to tell contestants to keep it in their pants hit the screens on June 23 viewers drooling with its content that's too hot to handle.

The Season 2 of Too Hot To Handle is the ultimate reality TV sensation of lockdown. Horny singles go to a villa where they are told that the one thing they're not allowed to do is - get horny. Well, they don't have to actually listen to that, but if they tend to do anything about their desires in the villa, they lose a hell of a lot of money from the collective $100,000 prize fund.

Out of 10, there are four episodes of the Too Hot to Handle Season 2 that is currently is available to stream on Netflix. While the new contestants aren't actually aware of their stint on the X-rated show, they think they are on a show called Parties in Paradise until the fake host breaks the bubble to them.

Too Hot To Handle
Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Cast Instagram

Kissing, licking, seducing and masturbating are some of the traits the show offers through the contestants. This is a post-pandemic hookup, which viewers are excited about. Check out the list of contestants that are too hot to handle.

Emily Miller

Emily Miller, 27, the initial object of Cam's affections, is also one of the contestants who catches the eyes of the rest of the group from the start. Emily and Cam are two suspects to watch when it comes to breaking the rules.

Melinda Melrose

Melinda Melrose, 28, is a self-proclaimed fashion model from New York City. According to her Instagram handle, the diva has over 80,000 followers. She became crazy about the hit hunk Marvin in the reality show as soon as she saw him. Melinda and Marvin might just be the Harry and Francesca from Too Hot To Handle Season 1.

Larissa Trownson

Larissa Trownson is the blonde intellectual barbie in the show. The diva, 28, looks too hot in bikini swimsuits. A lawyer by profession, Larissa Trownson does think twice before making a move. She's from Auckland, New Zealand and probably the happiest when Lana the conic robot announces the collective prize money won't necessarily be divided equally among the contestants.

Kayla Carter

Kayla Carter is a Filipina-American bartender and model from Florida. While she hasn't posted much of her work like the rest of the girls, she is too sexy to miss this season. The diva is 26 years old.

Carly Lawrence

Carly Lawrence hails from Canada. She is a model by profession. Lawrence doesn't miss a chance to partner up with Chase, who becomes insecure at the retreat after the arrival of another hot and handsome hunk.