Tom Cruise dating adult star Jennifer Hammon?

The Mission impossible actor is rumoured to be dating some 'mystery woman'

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Since Tom Cruise divorced Katie Holmes in 2012 he has been linked to various women. Reportedly, Cruise has a soft corner for Jennifer Hammon, who was seen in an episode of The X-Files in 2001.

According to Radar Online, Tom Cruise and Jennifer Hammon were in a relationship before his marriage. Not only that, she also assisted him in movies like The Last Samurai and Collateral.

According to MovieNewsGuide, "She was said to be performing public services for Scientology for a small period of time. However, nothing is known about her current status."

Tom Cruise and Jennifer Hammon relationship

Later, it was known that Hammon made soft-core pornographic movie named Allyson Is Watching and Tom Cruise was advised to break all relations with her. It was apparently humiliating for Tom Cruise.

The relationship of the two was going strong until David Miscavige, a Scientologist leader, came to know that Hammon played a role of a lesbian in a soft core porn movie, Allyson Is Watching.

They were very close to each other and readily wanted to take their relation to the next level but Hammon's adult movie spoilt their solid relation. The movie included some explicit erotic scenes, and this was not accepted by the actor.

According to Latinpost, "Hollywood actor Tom Cruise was forced to end his secret relationship with lesbian porn star Jennifer Hammon after his Scientologist church leader compelled him to quit on her"

Reportedly, in 2004, both of them were present at the opening ceremony of a Church at Spain. However, they were never pictured together in public.

The Mission impossible actor is rumoured to be dating some 'mystery woman'. Apparently, he met the woman during the shooting of the film The Mummy in London. However, nothing was ever confirmed about it. It is highly doubtful whether the mystery woman is Jennifer Hammon or not.

This article was first published on December 7, 2016