Tim Paine Sexting Scandal: Brother-In-Law Sent X-Rated Texts to the Same Woman Involved with the Australian Captain

Tim Paine's brother-in-law was relieved of his coaching duties in Cricket Tasmania after being found involved in an exchange of explicit texts with the same woman the Australian captain sent lewd pictures.

Australian cricketer, Tim Paine's shocking sexting scandal cost him his test captaincy after it was revealed that the player sent a d**k pic to a female staffer. Now, it turns out, Tim's brother-in-law was involved in a similar scandal with the same woman. Shannon Tubb, 41, was let go of his coaching role at Cricket Tasmania following a 2018 investigation into the alleged conduct.

According to the Herald Sun, Tubb was accused of sending explicit texts to the woman. Cricket Tasmania opened an investigation after learning about the matter around the same time Tim Paine was being investigated for sending lewd images to the same woman. Cricket Tasmania did not deny the accusations on Shannon Tubb when Daily Mail Australia asked for a comment.

The married father of two young children, Paine was cleared in the investigation in 2018, while Tubb was fired from his job. Shannon Tubb has moved into a coaching role at Adelaide's Prince Alfred College, an elite private school since then.

Shannon Tubb (L) and Tim Paine (R)
Shannon Tubb (L) and Tim Paine (R) Screen grab - Facebook and YouTube

Who is the woman?

The identity of the woman involved in the alleged sexting scandal with Tim Paine and Shannon Tubb was not clear at the moment. She is said to have been a junior staff member within Cricket Tasmania. The woman had complained about Paine's "sexually explicit, unwelcome and unsolicited photograph of his genitals and the graphic sexual comments" during their text exchange. The investigation, however, found that the woman interacted with Paine on and off for a year and then leaked the explicit messages. The messages were flirtatious by both sides, ruled an investigation.

The 'Sexting scandal' strengthened the marriage

Tim Paine's wife, Bonnie said during an interview on Sunday, November 14 that the sexting row has been 'good for their marriage'. She noted that after taking her time to get angry, upset, and vent, she decided to put the incident behind them in 2018 itself and give their marriage another chance. The marriage has been stronger than ever since then, she told the Daily Telegraph. "We put it to bed years ago... I remember feeling angry because we had a little girl who wasn't too old," she said.