TikTok User Shares Machine Gun Kelly's Instagram DM's Asking Her to Meet Up, Then Gets Mad After She Calls Him 'Sis'

Several other users commented saying Machine Gun Kelly has invited someone they know to "hook up" with them.

Machine Gun Kelly is being put on blast after a viral TikTok user shared DMs the rapper sent her on Instagram.

According to the user who goes by @emmielamp, MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, messaged her on Instagram in 2019.

'Have Fun, Megan Fox'

Machine Gun Kelly DMs
Stills from the video shared on TikTok. Twitter

In the TikTok video, she claimed he was her "biggest celebrity crush" and that when she was 19 he invited her to meet up with him in Cleveland. She shares screenshots of MGK liking one of her Instagram posts before then sending her a DM that read, "wya," which is short for "where you at."

She said she was "fangirling like crazy" and shared another series of screenshots of her text conversation with the rapper. She added that they ended up "linking" but things quickly went south not long after. Emmie said that after she accidentally called him "sis," he allegedly "cussed her out" and called her things like "dumb b*tch" and "weird b*tch."

She excused herself to use the bathroom, where she started sobbing and left immediately after. "We never saw each other ever again," she said before giving the rapper's current lady love a word of caution. "Have fun, Megan Fox," she jokes at the end of her video. MGK is currently dating Fox and the couple recently packed on the PDA on the red carpet of the Billboard Music Awards over the weekend.

In a follow-up video, Emmie says that the night was "crazier" than she described but that "sis" slipped out of her mouth after she picked up his dropped hat off of the floor and handed it back to him saying,"Here sis." He apparently found it disrespectful.

Other Users Share Similar Encounters

The video instantly went viral with thousands of views with users sharing similar encounters people they know have had with MGK, wherein he invites them to meet up with them after a show to "hook up" with him.

"My friend had a really similar thing happen w him. She went to see him play he invited her to hang after the show," wrote one user.

"I'm from Oklahoma, & know two girls around here he's hooked up with," a comment claimed, while another read, "He hooked up with a girl from my hometown after one of his concerts."

"After it happened I was so embarrassed I remember going in the bathroom to cry and calling my friend Megan to pick me up in tears. I honestly don't know what I expected going into the situation, but definitely not that," Emmie told Daily Dot. "Looking back on it now it's a funny story to tell!! I do wish he would've reached out or even apologized but it is what it is. Based on all the other stories I think that's just the kind of person he is."