TikTok star accidentally exposes herself as video gets taken down

YouTube blogger Trisha Paytas has issued an apology after she had her video removed from TikTok for accidentally exposing herself and showing nudity on camera

TikTok star Trisha Paytas has issued an apology after uploading a video on the platform which accidentally showed a bit of nudity.On December 8, Paytas a well-known YouTuber with close to 5 million subscribers shared a video of herself wearing a costume inspired by the musical "Beetlejuice" and lip-syncing a song from the soundtrack on TikTok.

In the video, her dress buttons were undone below her stomach and she was nude underneath, accidentally giving viewers a peek at her privates.

Video was taken down by TikTok

The video was taken down a few hours later by TikTok as it violated the app's guidelines. TikTok, which is predominantly used by teenagers, strictly prohibits users from posting, sharing, or sending explicit content, sexual content, or nudity. Even though the video was removed by TikTok, a YouTube user named Lenny Garcia shared it on YouTube.

Apology video

TikTok logo YouTube grab

Not long after her video was taken down, Paytas posted an apology video saying that she herself took down the video and the flash of nudity was not intentional.

"My TikToks aren't sexy, I'm not trying to be sexy on TikTok," Paytas says in the video. "There were two buttons that weren't buttoned down there. It wasn't explicit. To be fair, it wasn't my vagina, it was above it, it was below the belly button area. Nevertheless, I deleted it immediately. I was mortified."

She went on to explain further that she was trying on some costumes for a fan recreation of the iconic scene from the "Beetlejuice" musical and was uploading videos so quickly during each costume change that she didn't realize the dress she wore in the video was unbuttoned. The TikTok star found out later that she had exposed herself by mistake when she reached home and read up comments on Twitter.

Paytas has been surrounded by controversies before

"I was embarrassed and I was scared because I love TikTok. I don't make money on TikTok, I just love it," she said. "I do sexy content in other places where it's age-appropriate and there's restrictions, but not TikTok."

This isn't the first time Paytas has been surrounded by controversy. Not only has she married a Brad Pitt cardboard cut-out, but she has also claimed she's transgender (for which she faced a lot of backlash) and also admitted to using drugs.

YouTube / Lenna Garcia