TikTok to Partner With Creator Commerce Platform Teespring

Teespring pivoted in 2018 to focus on building a creator-first platform and formed initial partnerships with YouTube, Twitch and also Instagram

TikTok is testing integration with Teespring in a bid to allow the creators of the short video-sharing platform to sell merchandise directly from the app, thereby creating a new monetization opportunity for the community.

The partnership is set to kick off this month, The Verge reported on Monday, adding that the test is currently being conducted with a limited group of users. "Creators are the heart and soul of TikTok and we are constantly looking for ways to bring more value and opportunities for them within our platform," Sean Kim, Head of Product at TikTok US was quoted as saying in a statement by USA Today.

TikTok Testing Integration With Teespring

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Teespring empowers creators to design and sell their own products. "We are looking forward to building upon our ongoing commitment to support creators through monetary opportunities and, in the meantime, are excited to see what ideas creators bring to life on Teespring," Kim said.

Teespring pivoted in 2018 to focus on building a creator-first platform and forged initial partnerships with YouTube, Twitch and Instagram.

These partnerships led to over 300,000 creators signing up to the platform to build their socially integrated e-commerce stores. Teespring in late July said it has on average 2,400 global creators signing up to its platform every day, and has paid out over $80 million in creator profits over the past two years.

The integration with TikTok is expected to increase these numbers significantly. TikTok is currently under pressure from the Donald Trump administration to sell its US operations quickly or face an effective ban. According to a report in CNBC, a successful bidder for TikTok's US, Australia and New Zealand services could be announced as early as Tuesday.