TikTok Influencer Working For Hooters says she Makes $400 Per Day by Simply Wearing a 'Special Bra'

Hooters restaurant is among the most loved hotel chains across America as they feature scantily clad young college girls in tiny shorts and plunging cleavage with a happy smile on their faces all day long.

A Hooters waitress, who is a medical student and goes by the name Kristen, took to TikTok revealing how she usually gets ready to start her shift in the most loved food chain and shared her breast-boosting tips and tricks that surprised her followers.

Hooters Waitress Kristen Special Bra Silicone Stuffing
TikTok / @theflathootersgirl

Kristen also revealed that her breast-boosting technique helped her to receive tips around $400+ per day and there's not a single shift she has received any amount below that.

The blonde beauty confessed that she is flat-chested in real life calling herself with breasts of a ''double-A'' and revealed that she puts on a ''special bra'' that she brought from the e-commerce site Amazon that naturally boosts her breasts two sizes more.

Even after wearing the special bra, she revealed she again ''stuffs'' her bra making her chest look full and attractive, and is hard to ignore by anyone seated at the restaurant and wears cleavage-exposing tight tees and orange hot pants.

Hooters Waitress Kristen Special Bra Silicone Stuffing
TikTok / @theflathootersgirl

''This is how I stuff my bra for work!'' she said before launching into a tutorial and is seen inserting two fake silicone gel molds into her already ''special bra'' and magically her t-shirt sees contours appear at the top giving out a cleavage line that is hard to be missed.

At the end of the video, she called her assets ''speed bumps'' and is seen laughing while talking about it.

Kristen then stood in a full-length mirror and showcased her body saying, ''Now they look, they look like I should be a Hooters girl,'' and said she's ready to make another $400 as tips at her shift and revealed a customer gave her $60 simply because she spoke to him at his table.

The leggy lass then paused to answer questions from her followers and a user asked, ''Does your work make you do this or do you choose to?'' for which she replied, ''I chose to do it! They hired me as is I just thought it would help my tips.''