Thom Brennaman Suspended by Reds After Hot Mic Catches Him Using Anti-Gay Slur On Air [VIDEO]

The Cincinnati Reds broadcaster failed to realize he was already on-air when he was recorded uttering a homophobic slur between innings on Wednesday night.

Cincinnati Reds announcer Thom Brennaman has been suspended after he was caught uttering an anti-gay slur on the air on Wednesday night. The play-by-play announcer used the slur moments after the Fox Sports Ohio feed returned from a commercial break.

"One of the f*g capitals of the world," Brennaman was heard saying before resuming his on-air duties. The context behind the remark is not yet known but the broadcaster did not seem to realize he was already on air.

The comment came before the start of the second game of a doubleheader between the Reds and the Kansas City Royals in Kansas City, Missouri.

Brennaman Apologizes After Video Goes Viral

Thom Brennaman
Thom Brennaman. Twitter

Video of the moment started being widely circulated online between games of the doubleheader. Brennaman stayed to call the second game, with no acknowledgement of the slur as many started urged the Reds to fire him on social media.

"The emphasis he puts on the word is what gets me. Just disgusting. Fire him immediately," wrote one user.

"Listen back to it a few times," commented another. "It's not as much what he said that bothers me. It's HOW he said it. With disdain and disgust in his tone. Context is always important. His tone and the emphasis are inexcusable."

Brennaman was removed from the broadcast during the fifth inning and before exiting the booth, he issued an on-air apology saying he was "deeply ashamed" of the comment he made earlier, only to be interrupted by a home run.

By the end of the night, the Reds took to Twitter to announce the suspension saying it was "devastated" by the "horrific homophobic remark" made by Brennaman.

By night's end, the team announced Brennaman was suspended effective immediately, with a further decision on the Reds' broadcast team due to follow in the coming days. The team took to Twitter to announce the suspension saying it was "devastated" by the "horrific homophobic remark" made by Brennaman.

Fox Sports Ohio also echoed the Reds' sentiments saying the announcer's comment was "hateful, offensive, and in no way reflects the values of Fox Sports Ohio."