This WWE Superstar thinks he is the new version of Hall of Famer Goldberg

The 33-year-old WWE NXT wrestler thinks that the fans have accepted him as the new Goldberg after he started using the legendary wrestler's iconic moves

Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle. Twitter/Matt Riddle

WWE NXT star Matt Riddle reportedly feels that he is the new Goldberg of the company. The 33-year-old wrestler who had a few altercations with the WWE Hall of Famer in recent times have been continuously adding fuel to the rivalry with Goldberg for quite some time. Riddle has also started using the finishing moves of the legendary wrestler like the Jackhammer and the Spear in his fights.

In a recent interview with The Bump, he stated that he thinks that the crowd feels that he is the new Goldberg. The 33-year-old wrestler said that in his fight against Cameron Grimes he used the Jackhammer and got a great response from the crowd. He went onto add that the crowd chanted his name in the manner they used to do for Goldberg which made him feel that he is the new version of the former wrestling legend.

Goldberg. WWE official website

"You know, honestly, when I did it to Cameron Grimes the other day I was just in there and I had little extra time and I was like, 'you know what? I'm just going to hit you with the Jackhammer.' So that's kind of how that went. I didn't really call it or do anything, I just did it. And the Spear the other day, You know the Jackhammer got such a great reaction, I was like, Hey, why not do a spear? And as you can tell, the crowd loves it. They've been chanting Riddle, like, I'm the new Goldberg," Riddle told in his interview as reported by Sportskeeda.

In the fight between the 33-year-old wrestler and Grimes the two wrestlers threw everything they had against each other and the match went on for eight minutes. Riddle not only imitated Goldberg's mannerism but also stated "You are next" on the camera during the fight.

Moreover, the rivalry between the WWE Hall of Famer and Riddle had come out in the open many times in the past and fans might want to see a fight between the two in the near future. They even had a backstage altercation in this year's SummerSlam.