This Parrot to Repeat Owner's Last Words Before Her Rape and Murder in Testimony

A Parrot Will be Presented in Court As It Repeats 'No, Please, Let Me Go,' Claimed to be the Words of the Homicide Victim in Argentina

The 46-year-old Elizabeth Toledo was raped and then killed in the city of San Fernando, Argentina in December 2018. A police officer who was guarding the crime scene as the case was still under investigation, heard that "Ay, no, Por favour, soltame!" which means, "No, please, let me go."

That was a parrot who said these words and as per the reports, it can be presented in the courtroom during the upcoming rape and murder trial. The investigators believe that the parrot was repeating the last words its owner, Toledo said when she was allegedly beaten and raped by two housemates.

A parrot becomes a witness of crime

As per the local media reports, the parrot was also mentioned by a neighbor of Toledo who heard it saying "why did you beat me" when one of the arrested suspects fled the house.

It may sound weird as a parrot is considered as a witness of a grievous crime, but understanding the seriousness of the incident, the investigators are considering each and everything which could shed light on the incident. Reports revealed that the head prosecutor Bibiana Santella has already included the parrot's 'testimony' in the case file.

Elizabeth Toledo murder case Pixabay

After the incident, when the body of Toledo was sent for an autopsy, it was found that she was beaten, raped, and then strangled to death. As per the autopsy result, bite marks also found on victim's right forearm that was classified as defensive injuries, based on which the prosecutor commissioned the Legal Dentistry Division of the La Plata Scientific Police Superintendence to check the imprint of the bite left by the murderer with the bite of each of the suspects.

The local police found her body in a naked condition, lying on its back on a mattress on the floor at her house. She rented a room to three men in the same house. After the murder, police arrested her housemates, Miguel Saturnino Rolon and Jorge Raul Alvarez, for their alleged involvement with the homicide.

The dental experts made with molds an exact copy of the teeth of each of the suspects. Later when comparing the bite of each of them with the marks found on the victim, they found that they coincided in three points with "the canine, first premolar and second premolar " of the lower-left arch of the accused Rolon.

However, it should be mentioned that the third man, whose identity is reserved because he was dismissed, had to rule out because the unnamed man had an alibi, and about 15 days before the murder the owner of the house kicked him out because he had hit Toledo.

This article was first published on May 25, 2020