This is how Song Hye-kyo inspired Park Bo-young to be a better actor

Park Bo Young thinks Song Hye-kyo is much prettier than her.

Song Hye-kyo & Park Bo-young
Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-young., Drama

Park Bo-young doesn't think much about her beauty but that's alright; she's a good actress who concentrates more on her craft. Surprisingly, the actress who made her want to concentrate more on her craft than her appearance was none other than Song Hye-kyo.

Website Soompi notes that in a recent interview, actor Park Bo-young was asked to comment on her own beauty. She replied, "I saw Song Hye Kyo once and she was so pretty. She was bare-faced and I was wearing full makeup, yet she still looked prettier than me. After seeing her, I told myself that I should just focus on my acting. That's why I always work really hard [as an actress]."

Park Bo-young also said that fame and popularity are temporary and thus not worth pondering upon much. She talked about the ups and downs in her career till now. She said: "The movie 'Scandal Makers' did so much better than I had thought. During that phase of my career, the people around me warned me that whatever goes up could always come back down."

"After 'Scandal Makers,' I kept going down for a while. When I got tied up in a big lawsuit with my previous agency, I seriously thought my career was over. I'm really thankful for the popularity of 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' but I know it's only temporary," she said.

Park Bo-young had recently revealed how she had a difficult time in high school as a rising actress. She had to face a lot of bullying by her school mates who were obviously jealous of the attention she was receiving back then.

"Some kids would deliberately knock shoulders with me while passing by. Students from other classes would then put trash all over my seat, and the kids in my class would try to clean it up for me," she recalled.

As for the beautiful and talented Song Hye-kyo, she has also inspired Park Bo-young's co-star Park Hyung-sik. The latter explained recently, how Hye-kyo and Yoo Ah-in's acting inspired Park Hyung-sik to change his agency to United Artists Agency (UAA), where the other two work.

Hye-kyo is more in the news now due to unverified rumours about her being in a relationship with co-star Song Joong-ki, who has taken a step back from acting, for the time being. There are also rumours that she could star in a second season of 'Descendants of the Sun.'

This article was first published on April 28, 2017
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