This Game of Thrones star wishes to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

A poster for James Mangold's 'Logan.'

Aquaman and Game of Thrones movie star Jason Momoa has recently admitted that he is up for replacing Hugh Jackman in the next human-mutant movie featuring Logan aka Wolverine.

As per the recent reports, Jason Momoa has reportedly expressed his desire for playing Wolverine at Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, Texas. If Marvel Studios hire him, then it would be another celebrated superhero role which Jason would play. As we all know, he is famous for playing Arthur Curry in DCEU's Aquaman movie.

Chances of Marvel Studios hiring a DCEU actor play the role of Wolverine are pretty slim but it would still be interesting to see how this Game of Thrones star will replace Hugh Jackman as one of the most loved superheroes of all time.

As we all know, after almost seventeen years of portraying the role of Logan, the Australian-born Hugh Jackman decided to exit from the role. He portrayed the role of Wolverine for the last time in the 2017's critically acclaimed film Logan. Ever since then fans and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds are requesting Hugh to portray the role of the clawed mutant for one more time. Fan are desperately waiting to see Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman together in an action-thriller superhero movie.

Meanwhile, there have been several other actors who have shown interest in replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Earlier this month, Dark Phoenix movie director Simon Kinberg stated that he cannot imagine anybody but Hugh Jackman to play Logan but still, as per him, Venom star Tom Hardy would be an interesting choice.

In addition to this, director Kevin Smith also stated in April this year that if Mission Impossible movie star Tom Cruise would star as Wolverine, then that superhero movie has the potential to earn over $1 billion at the box-office.

Whatever the scenario is, it is hard to state who is going to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the future X-Men movies. As we all know, Marvel Studios has acquired Fox and with that, they now have the rights to reboot the franchise in its entirety. After the failure of recent X-Men movies, it is most likely that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige would like to reboot the entire mutant saga and with that, he is going to cast some young actor who will stay with the franchise for at least two decades.

Jason Momoa
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